And if I could swim, I'd swim out to you in the ocean

swim out to where you were floating in the dark.

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sigur ros.


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Your default icon was made by me and is being used without proper credit. please either edit your icon keywords to reflect that I made the icon or remove it from your userpics.

It is to the owner of the journal I left this comment in, open_arms_x. she HAS TO credit you?

I obvious can't FORCE her, but it's considered common courtesy to credit the person who made your icons. It's just plain rude and unethical to use something without credit and let other people assume you made it when you didn't.

Not that it's really any of your business since my original request wasn't even addressed to you.

well exuse me..and yes it is my buisness because she is my friend and im a user in livejoural..and dont get all bitchy just because i asked a simple question..and since you cant force her she probably wont do it..and she doesnt have to..what is she gonna right on it in big bold letter MADE BY HII LENNNAAA!!!

- its a good icon btw..and maybe she didnt know that she had to do that or what crediting was.

Well NOW she does.

It's pretty much common courtesy (as she said) and quite a well-known thing in LJ. It's not that hard to do, and it's a nice thing to do. Especially since she gets a rockin icon that she didn't have to make for free to use on her LJ.

who the hell are you? you dont need to get involved. yeah maybe she does know now..but she doesnt have to do jack shit.

Just a friend. Getting "involved" just in the same way you stuck your nose into it.

no i just asked one simple question and she flipped out..and im her friend..and i commented in here..your little friend just decided to bring you in here so you can help "fight her battle." you dont even know who this girl is.

She didn't "bring" me anywhere. And, actually, I DO know her. I've known her for years.

Not that any of that matters. Your "friend" already posted about this, so leave it already.

i wasnt talkng about that girl i was talking about the girl that owns tihs journal. k bye. nice talking to you :-D

and it may be a well known thing in LJ .. but maybe not to her .. she doesnt spend every waking hour of her life on this.

Maybe she didn't know before, but since she knows now or will as soon as she starts reading her comments for her to do jack shit about it would be theft and not a nice thing to do.

I doubt she wasn't aware of the having to credit though, since she belongs to gg_icons since that is one of the rules of that community.

..knowing her she probably didnt read the rules...because im part of that communtiy and didnt read them either.

Maybe not...but obviously you do!

you and many other people spazz out over one little fucking question. jesus.

thanks shoshana, thank you so much.
sorry i didn't know i had to credit.
and you didn't say anything when i requested it.
but sure, no need to start a brawl.
its all good in the hood.
thanks again shoshana, i love you.

haha no problem...people need to fucking calm down..i asked a simple wuestion and BOOM they go insane.

You don't know me, but I <3 your layout! Soooo awesome :-D

Hi... i randomly came upon your page... and i really like your background.
i was wondering if you could tell me where you got it so i could use something like that for myspace.

i realize that people get kind of stingy with their layouts and backgrounds, so i understand if you dont want to tell me, or let me use it...
but i'd still appreciate it if you would reply back.

Thank you. I got my backround from omfg_ljstuff or something of that sort. If you go to my Info and look under friends you'll find the exact user name. But I'm pretty sure that's it.

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