And if I could swim, I'd swim out to you in the ocean

swim out to where you were floating in the dark.

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(no subject)
sigur ros.
Hey hey hey! Well right now I'm watching House of Wax;Movie Life, Jared baby <3 Haha.
Today was school which is school and doesn't need an explanation.
I went to see Clue with Shoshana and Maribeth, Rob, Jess, Taryn, and Jeb were there also.
Then I saw Casey and Maribeth, Shoshana, and I met her friends and they were cool as hell!
We were taking over this one guys job and were in charge of the donations box and told people to not bring in food during the intermission. I was practically yelling at them and it was funny because they were all confused, expecially the people with no food.
Then we went outside and screamed everytime someones parents came to pick them up, it was silly.
Then I dropped Shoshana off and came home at 10.
Then I studied for my vocab test tomorrow, yes it was fun.
All in all it was a super duper fun night =].
Tomorrow I think I'm going to the movies, hopefully seeing A lot Like Love.
Well I'm going to go, Goodbye and Goodnight.


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